Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heads Up! We've Moved

If you haven't caught on - I moved! Since there were problems with getting into this blog to post, not to mention downloading photos, I changed the name slightly and moved to another Blogspot blog. It's now Sheepish Fibers. The format is a little different which allows me to post more often. I hope you enjoy the change!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from the Land of UFOs

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I really, really try not to have UFOs. But the reason you haven't heard much from in the past month is that I've been stuck in the Land of UFOs. Granted, I was a little proud of myself for finishing the Plunge early and yes, pride goeth before a fall. First, there was the Evenstar debacle. I debated simply tearing it back and forgetting it. But then there was so much done on it. So, I let it percolate for a month. I'm back to it and was quite surprised to find I remembered where I was in the pattern!

But I didn't get back to Evenstar until I battled this top. I found the yarn on sale last summer. I couldn't resist it - it's in one of my favorite colors. I pictured in my head exactly what I wanted. It wasn't exactly what you see pictured. In fact, I did finish it once and it looked just like what I had pictured in my head - except for the irregular stockinette stitch I have when I knit cotton. What you see pictured is actually the third and successful attempt to escape the Land of UFOs. In case you're wondering, the first was a lace version.

So now that I'm back on track, I'm wondering what makes a UFO or what causes them. I think one element is frustration - which is exactly where I was with the Evenstar pattern. I think another element can be boredom. Have you ever noticed it seems to take forever to do something in all garter stitch? An additional element can be it's is just plain taking too long, which can incorporate one or all of the above elements.

I worked in a yarn store when I was just out of college and one thing the owner emphasized is quick projects, particularly for newer needleworkers. Once they finish one project, they'll keep coming back for more. No matter how long I've knit, there's still something to be said for the "Rawhide" method of combating UFOs - Head 'em up, move 'em out.

What do you do to combat UFOs or do you have a concern about a possible intervention from loved ones?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At Long Last - Finished! Pair No. 52

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As I noted in my previous post, I am having some problems adding photographs to my blog today, so I'm going through flickr.

The big news is that I've finally completed the 52 Pair Plunge III with this pair of baby-sized socks. While I'm not sure if these will actually fit a baby, I used these to develop the pattern I will be using at a beginning sock class this fall.

THE OTHER BIG NEWS: In celebration of completing "The Plunge" I am having a sale at my Etsy shop through the end of May. 'Just put "Plunge" in the message section and I'll take off 20% on your entire order (excludes shipping and expires Monday, May 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm CDT). If you don't see what you're looking for, check back because I am adding colorways this month. My Etsy site is www.sheepishhandknits.etsy.com or just click the Etsy button in the column next to the blog.

Pair No. 51 - Bike Socks

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I'm having problems today uploading photographs to the blog so I will post separately from flickr.

This is Pair No. 51 in the 52 Pair Plunge III. This pair was made from a leftover sock blank. I knit these toe-up/2-at-a-time and just knit until I was out of yarn. I usually like the leg of my socks to be 6 to 7 inches. These are considerably shorter, but will serve their purpose.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What in the Sam Hill AM I Going to Do With All These Socks?

Pairs 48, 49 & 50 in the 52 Pair Plunge III

This week I confirmed a concern I've had about myself - I can't count. If you've followed this blog for even a month you probably noticed that I miscounted the pairs of socks. So there are two Pair Nos. 48 and one of the earlier 40s was skipped. I think I now have it straight and that I have completed No. 50 and am working on 51. I picture my self falling off my bike and breaking an arm in the middle of 52, but I think I'm just being an alarmist - we'll see. So above is a photo of Pairs 48, 49 and 50. All three of these are baby-sized socks. Pair No. 51 is a small adult-sized sock for me.

   I've had some comments/questions about what I am going to do with all these socks. Most people assume I'm going to give them away. Not that I'm greedy, but I had two reasons for going into the Plunge in the first place. One, I was about out of socks. I have child-sized feet and find it next to impossible to find socks that fit that don't have Barbie or My Little Pony on them. Frankly, that's just not the professional image I want to portray. So all the adult-sized socks are going to me. Second, I wanted baby-sized socks to decorate for Christmas ornaments. I work for a non-profit and we have a Festival of Trees every year as a fundraiser, but also as a fun holiday thing for the public. I thought a tree of snazzy socks might be kind of neat - we'll see.   I'd also thought about writing a sock book and using the ones that were my own design in the sock book, but with the huge number of sock books on the market right now, that no longer seems like a good idea. 
   So stay tuned for next week, when I unveil my celebrations plans for completing the 52 Pair Plunge III (unless of course, I break an arm or a hand!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel - 52 Pair Plunge III

This morning I finished Pair No. 48 in the 52 Pair Plunge III - four more pairs of socks left. Four more pairs to be completed by June 1. I think I'm going to make it. I hit the doldrums back in January and took some much needed time off from sock knitting to work on a couple of much needed sweaters. I'm already planning a contest in celebration of the completion of Pair No. 52. In the meantime, here are Pairs 45, 46, 47 and 48:

Pairs 45, 46 and 47 are baby-sized socks made from left-over yarn from other sock projects. Pair No. 48 is made from one my favorites, Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the Deco Lime colorway. This yarn was marked as seconds and usually when that happens with Brown Sheep yarn it means there was a problem with the colorway. While some may not like the color, I don't think that was the case this time. This yarn was very "splitty" and that is very unusual for Brown Sheep and is one of the reasons I really enjoy knitting with their yarn. While this knitting experience was not the most positive, I'm still very pleased with the socks (and yes, I love the color!). The pattern is a K1/p4 broken rib.

Now on to Pair No. 49!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


About a year ago, we decided to cut back on cable. While it was great to have all those channels to watch for knitting, we felt the quality of the programming really didn't warrant paying what we were paying. In fact, I found myself watching more television, just to justify paying the monthly bill. So for a year, we've had the very basic cable, which includes the local affiliates of the traditional networks and The Weather Channel. Even though I didn't watch them often, I did miss some of the movie channels, like Turner movies. Recently, I received an offer I couldn't refuse from Netflix. So far, I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of their service. Even though we don't live in a super-populated area of the States, we still have one-day service. The best part, is that I'm back to knitting and catching up on the 52 Pair Plunge III. For that reason, I have renamed Netflix - Knitflix.

Off the Needles: The three pairs shown in the first photo are pairs 40, 41, and 43. The adult sized pair is 44. Pair No. 45 is also off the needles, but I misplaced my camera Monday and so have not photographed that pair yet. (Fortunately, the camera has been found!) The first three pairs of baby-sized socks and are made from leftovers from other pairs. Remember the requirements of the 52 Pair Plunge are just that the socks have a toe, a heel and a leg. Pair No. 44 is from Brown Sheep Wildfoote in a colorway, which if you've followed this blog, is one I've used in an earlier pair. Every time I see it, I buy more. I think I probably just need to made a sweater in it!

On the Needles: Pair No. 46 is another pair of baby socks. This time I used some leftover Tempted. Also on the needles, is Evensong; however, that is going to remain in hiatus until I receive all the clues and errata, just so I don't have to do an enormous amount of frogging again. It does look better, now that I've done a repeat of the corrected pattern. Nevertheless, I am approaching this project with a great deal of caution.

On my Lap: Today's guest blogger is Greta, our big girl cat, who is going through all sorts of contortions to get the maximum amount of petting in as I type.