Monday, May 3, 2010

What in the Sam Hill AM I Going to Do With All These Socks?

Pairs 48, 49 & 50 in the 52 Pair Plunge III

This week I confirmed a concern I've had about myself - I can't count. If you've followed this blog for even a month you probably noticed that I miscounted the pairs of socks. So there are two Pair Nos. 48 and one of the earlier 40s was skipped. I think I now have it straight and that I have completed No. 50 and am working on 51. I picture my self falling off my bike and breaking an arm in the middle of 52, but I think I'm just being an alarmist - we'll see. So above is a photo of Pairs 48, 49 and 50. All three of these are baby-sized socks. Pair No. 51 is a small adult-sized sock for me.

   I've had some comments/questions about what I am going to do with all these socks. Most people assume I'm going to give them away. Not that I'm greedy, but I had two reasons for going into the Plunge in the first place. One, I was about out of socks. I have child-sized feet and find it next to impossible to find socks that fit that don't have Barbie or My Little Pony on them. Frankly, that's just not the professional image I want to portray. So all the adult-sized socks are going to me. Second, I wanted baby-sized socks to decorate for Christmas ornaments. I work for a non-profit and we have a Festival of Trees every year as a fundraiser, but also as a fun holiday thing for the public. I thought a tree of snazzy socks might be kind of neat - we'll see.   I'd also thought about writing a sock book and using the ones that were my own design in the sock book, but with the huge number of sock books on the market right now, that no longer seems like a good idea. 
   So stay tuned for next week, when I unveil my celebrations plans for completing the 52 Pair Plunge III (unless of course, I break an arm or a hand!)

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