Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from the Land of UFOs

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I really, really try not to have UFOs. But the reason you haven't heard much from in the past month is that I've been stuck in the Land of UFOs. Granted, I was a little proud of myself for finishing the Plunge early and yes, pride goeth before a fall. First, there was the Evenstar debacle. I debated simply tearing it back and forgetting it. But then there was so much done on it. So, I let it percolate for a month. I'm back to it and was quite surprised to find I remembered where I was in the pattern!

But I didn't get back to Evenstar until I battled this top. I found the yarn on sale last summer. I couldn't resist it - it's in one of my favorite colors. I pictured in my head exactly what I wanted. It wasn't exactly what you see pictured. In fact, I did finish it once and it looked just like what I had pictured in my head - except for the irregular stockinette stitch I have when I knit cotton. What you see pictured is actually the third and successful attempt to escape the Land of UFOs. In case you're wondering, the first was a lace version.

So now that I'm back on track, I'm wondering what makes a UFO or what causes them. I think one element is frustration - which is exactly where I was with the Evenstar pattern. I think another element can be boredom. Have you ever noticed it seems to take forever to do something in all garter stitch? An additional element can be it's is just plain taking too long, which can incorporate one or all of the above elements.

I worked in a yarn store when I was just out of college and one thing the owner emphasized is quick projects, particularly for newer needleworkers. Once they finish one project, they'll keep coming back for more. No matter how long I've knit, there's still something to be said for the "Rawhide" method of combating UFOs - Head 'em up, move 'em out.

What do you do to combat UFOs or do you have a concern about a possible intervention from loved ones?

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